Jimmy's Creek Guide Service
Comanche, Brown and Mills counties have some of the best hog hunting in Texas. This region of Texas is known for large wild hog concentrations. The year around climate and seasons provides a never-ending food resource for hogs. This region of Central Texas is also covered with rivers, creeks, and private lakes. So, with the heavy vegetation cover, agricultural crops, native foods and plenty of water it's easy to see why the hog population is growing and growing fast. Making for a great fast paced Central Texas hog hunt.

We hunt with the latest Night Vision Gen 3 and Thermal devices here at Jimmy's Creek, the scopes are mounted on DPMS AR15 and AR10 rifles. Most of our hunting is spot and stalk hunts which helps us to cover more country and increase the chance of killing hogs.

We can also set up ​​blinds and feeders in the high traffic areas if you would like to hunt out of a blind.

Jimmy's Creek is also a FFL Dealer, we have a full line of firearms, scopes and ammo.                                                         www.jimmyscreekfirearms.com